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My name is Trina Harris. I am a wife, mother of two and photographer. I live full time in Orem, Utah but work out of both Utah and the Los Angeles, California area which is where I am from. I also love opportunities to explore beyond these two worlds and do travel for photography.

The thing that I love about photography is the way you can preserve moments of life. I love this quote I heard from somewhere : “Life is made up of years that mean nothing and moments that mean it all.” Whether it’s individual or family portraits, weddings, food or fitness, I thrive on the opportunity to capture those moments. Of the many things that inspire me with photography, two stand out the most. One, are the things and places that surround me. When I drive around I love to imagine how or who I could photograph at this place or that. I love to find the beauty in the unexpected. Second, are the people I photograph. With my various clients, I look for opportunities of bringing their personalities to print and capturing the real beauty that we all have. Getting to know people and interacting with them in a very personal way makes me want to do more of what I do. I hope to be able capture your moments.